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Jonathan’s is a popular restaurant that offers a diverse and delicious menu. From starters to entrees and desserts, there’s something for everyone at Jonathan’s. In this article, we’ll look closer at the menu to help you decide which dishes you should try on your next visit.


The starters at Jonathan’s are a great way to begin your meal. From classic options like garlic bread and bruschetta to more unique offerings like avocado toast, there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for a recommendation, the spinach and artichoke dip is a must-try. It’s creamy, flavorful, and sure to please any crowd.


The salads at Jonathan’s are a great choice for those looking for a lighter option. There are various options, from a classic Caesar salad to a hearty chopped salad. Combining sweet and tangy flavours, the arugula and peach salad is a must-try.


The entrees at Jonathan’s are where the restaurant shines. With options ranging from pasta dishes to grilled meats, there’s something for everyone. For a real treat, try the pan-seared salmon. The salmon is perfectly cooked and served with a delicious lemon butter sauce.

Breaking Down the Menu at Jonathan’s: A Guide to Must-Try Dishes


No meal at Jonathan’s would be complete without trying one of their desserts. From classic options like tiramisu to more unique offerings like the warm chocolate chip cookie skillet, there’s a dessert for every sweet tooth. If you want a recommendation, the flourless chocolate cake is a must-try. It’s rich, indulgent, and the perfect way to end your meal.


In addition to their food, Jonathan’s also offers a variety of beverages. From classic cocktails to craft beers, there’s something for every taste. The seasonal sangria is a must-try if you’re looking for a recommendation. It’s refreshing and the perfect complement to any meal.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

Jonathan’s has you covered for those following a vegetarian or vegan diet. From a hearty vegetable lasagna to a flavorful eggplant parmesan, there’s a variety of options. The roasted vegetable quinoa bowl is a must-try for those following a plant-based diet. It’s packed with flavour and nutrients, making it a great choice for lunch or dinner.

Gluten-Free Options

Jonathan’s offers a selection of gluten-free options for those with gluten intolerance or celiac disease. There’s something for everyone, from gluten-free pasta dishes to a gluten-free crust on their pizzas. The gluten-free chicken parmesan is a must-try for those looking for a delicious and gluten-free option.

Children’s Menu

Jonathan’s also offers a menu for the little ones. From classic options like chicken fingers to more adventurous options like a build-your-own pizza, there’s something for every young taste bud. The mini corn dogs are a must-try for kids and kids-at-heart. They’re fun and delicious, making them the perfect addition to any meal.


In addition to its regular menu, Jonathan’s also offers daily specials. From rotating entrees to special desserts, there’s always something new. Ask your server about the day’s specials for a unique and delicious dining experience.

Price Range

The price range at Jonathan’s is moderate, with entrees ranging from $15 to $30. With a variety of options available, there’s something for every budget.

Service and Ambience

The service at Jonathan’s is always friendly and efficient. The restaurant’s ambience is warm and inviting, making it the perfect place for a night out with friends or a romantic dinner for two.


In conclusion, Jonathan’s offers a diverse and delicious menu. There’s something for everyone, from starters to entrees and everything in between. Be sure to try the must-try dishes, including the spinach and artichoke dip, arugula and peach salad, pan-seared salmon, flourless chocolate cake, seasonal sangria, roasted vegetable quinoa bowl, gluten-free chicken parmesan, and mini corn dogs.


  1. What are the hours of operation for Jonathan’s?

    • Jonathan’s is open for lunch and dinner, with specific hours varying by location.

  2. Does Jonathan’s offer catering services?

    • Yes, Jonathan’s does offer catering services for events and special occasions.

  3. Does Jonathan’s have a bar?

    • Yes, Jonathan’s has a bar that offers a selection of cocktails, craft beers, and wine.

  4. Is there a dress code at Jonathan’s?

    • No, Jonathan’s has no specific dress code, but most diners opt for business casual attire.

  5. Does Jonathan’s offer outdoor seating?

    • Yes, some locations of Jonathan’s offer outdoor seating for diners who prefer to dine al fresco.

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